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10 Club Games You’ll Never get Bored of!


This grandfather of board games falls in the oldest categories of board games to have ever existed. Consisting of two players the games asks for you remove all your pieces from the board before your opponent in order to win the game. Archaeologists in Egypt have found the oldest Backgammon board till date and it still looks inviting enough to play on.

Three Men’s Morris

More popularly known as ‘Tic Tac Toe’ or ‘Noughts & Crosses’ this game has seen the last pages of a school going kid more than any other game. Easy to play and highly entertaining, it is played in a grid of nine. You need to mark three rows with the same piece to win.


Almost all kids have grown up playing this ancient game and must have collected jars of marbles to prove the same. Be it Egyptians, Greeks or Romans this game was played everywhere. Rules are such that you have to shoot marbles at a bunch of other marbles set in a circle, to move them out of the circle.

Ringing the Bull

Although to enjoy the traditional game you need to visit the Murrel Arms in West Sussex, many pubs these days also indulge their customers by putting up a metal hook instead of a horn. In the traditional game, players are supposed to throw a ring on to the horn of the bull which would be put up on the wall.


Just like cards, there are various ways of playing with this rectangular white tiles that have been nicknamed ‘bones’ often. It is difficult to say when in history the game started being played but it is known that the modern Dominoes descended from Chinese version around the 11th Century.

Pitch Penny

Earning a name for itself only well within the 20th Century, Pitch Penny is played when when you spot a hole somewhere in around you and begin to throw pennies in it. Another version of the game is Toad in the Hole which had a special box or something to throw the money in. This one originated in East Sussex.


First played in the 14th Century, it was played on the grounds and only later took to the tables. The billiard balls are struck with the cue stick which move around the table. This billiards table is covered in cloth and bound by rubber cushions.  


With Egyptian origins Draughts asks of its player to get to its opponent’s side of the boards by winning over his or her pieces


Skittles is actually the original ‘Bowling’ as we know it. Still loved by all it fares well in pubs. To play the traditional kind of skittles head to the Frog and Wicker in Eversley.


Not a familiar name now, this is a game from the 18th and 19th centuries. Player has to throw as many balls as he can to the other end of the table to win.

How can Pubs and Clubs Enable Gambling?

To conduct gambling activities in clubs or pubs, it is important to get certain licenses in place. You have to meet concerned authorities and figure out the many licenses that have to be put in place. If any pub or club does not adhere to proper gambling conduct, they will be booked under the Gambling Act 2005 and will be meted out with proper punishment. It is always advisable to have these permissions sorted out before having gambling as it protects the interest of the players and the owners as well. You might have to fill out several forms in the process and meet people; it is all going to pay off in the end. You should always keep yourself updated about the rules and guidelines being sent out by concerned authorities as not adhering to them can be a problem in the long run. If you as a consumer as also using such a place without proper license, you can also get into trouble, let alone the owner.

Here are some rules to be kept in mind while installing games at pubs and clubs.

Up to Two Gaming Machines

Pubs can get two gaming machines installed in their premises. They have to serve a simple notification and apply for the procedure. If you have a license, then you do not have to worry as a simple notification from you will do the trick.

More than Two Gaming  Machines

If you want more than two gaming machines then you have to apply to the licensing authority. You should also have in your possession a premises license. If you have these two with you, then more than two gaming machines are very much possible. If the licenses are granted to you, you do not have to apply again and again. To give the notification, there is no fee as such but you will have to pay an initial charge. The permit can be transferred as well. Moreover, the people who have a premises license will have to pay annual fees.

Notification Period

The notification period is very simple and the procedure is also not cumbersome. The permit application form is self-explanatory and you have to just read through it to understand most of the clauses. Once you apply, then the concerned authorities will make sure that the machines are sent to the pub. If you have a premises license then you will have to submit the notification along with the prescribed fee.

Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit

This kind of permit is usually needed when you have more than two machines in the pub or bar. The person on whose name the license is issued can apply for the permit. The committee will discuss the merits and then decide to give the license or not. Once the formalities are done and the permit is given, then the owner will have the permission to have two machines that will be delivered to the club or the pub mentioned.

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